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Lameness Organiser 
The lameness organiser is an application which allows you to organise your equine orthopaedic consultations.
The lameness organiser is a chronometer which allows you to follow your multiple diagnostic analgesia on several horses simultaneously.
With your lameness organiser you can describe in an objective manner your patients lameness as well as the results of the diagnostic analgesia.
The results of your exams can easily be sent by email or message to your veterinary practice software by simple copy-paste.

ScaleForEquines is an app that allow you to calculate the weight of horses and donkeys with different mesure. The formulas used are coming from scientific studies. A comparaison table is given to compare the different formula.
Dose List

Dose list Calculator is an application that allows you to create as many list of drugs as you want. You can create the drug lists that you actually use in your daily practice. With the dose list calculator you can calculate all the dosages of the same list for your patient at once. All created lists can be saved with iTunes. You can copy and paste data from one list to another. You can organize the order of your products in the lists, as you wish with one finger. The list manager allows you to manage all your list in an intelligent  and in a intuitive way.
Keep only the data you need, improve your productivity, and reduce the risk of errors.
Drop Counter
With Drop Counter you will be able to set up the flow rate of a gravity infusion set, easily, and precisely. You could chose your infusion set type, and the countdown time. Just look at the drop falling down and click on your screen. An acoustic signal and a vibration will tell you when the data acquisition is done. The flow rate is then calculated. To increase accuracy, chose a higher countdown time.

Some users ask for the implement of the number of drops per seconds and per minutes
AppforVet is happy to announce this new feature in the next update.