Traning and Details

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    Technicial training (Please come in) to Dali company

    Technicial training walk outsideto Customers

    Appointment training

    Assist dealers to set up product vivid experience center

 Exhibition time

        · Chengdu (Automechanika Frankfurt) July 21st-23th, 2014

 · Exhibition hall: DuShiJi City New International exhibition Center

    Address: No. 198, Shiji Cheng Road, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.

   Guangzhou (Guangzhou Autumn Auto Exhibition) November 13th-15th, 2014

   Shanghai (Automechanika Frankfurt) December 9~12th, 2014.

Focusing on the details

1. The slider adopts precision casting and is formed at one time to avoid the open welding phenomenon of the old-style slider
The adjustable hexagon shaft sleeve and effectively solve the problem of scratching the steel ring due to the large gap between the hexagonal bar and the hexagonal bar sleeve.

3.Aluminum piston compared with iron piston, not easy to rust, reduce the possibility of scratching the inner wall of the cylinder, prolong the useage life of the bead breaker cylinder, low failure rate.


   4. Double pressure bar design of power assist arm increases the range of tire disassembly and assembly, and is equipped with pneumatic locking function.

         5. The product is equipped with a two-dimensional code to watch the operation demonstration video of the device.


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