Solidarity and mutual assistance dedication of love—Dali Auto Maintenance Comapany.

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Love Donation Proposal

Li Renfa is a member of the transfer class of our company.He is hard-working at the post.His colleagues are willing to call him Maste Li.On March 10, 2013, he suddenly met a heart attack at home and was sent to the central hospital of our city for treatment. After the hard stent operation, he is out of danger now. But the high cost of surgery and treatment is also a big burden for an ordinary working family. As a member of the collective, let us use the warmth of the collective and colleagues to help him overcome the difficulties. Whether you know LiRenfa or not, you can lend a helping hand.

Give a rose, there is fragrance in the hand, your love can save a family. Your kind heart can burn a hope.The company has issued a proposal to all staff: no matter how many amount of donations, no metter whats the order of kindness, we hope everyone can lend a helping hand to offer a love to sick LiRenfa. Passing on a heat of life to help him recover and back to the big family of Dali as soon as possible.

The general manager of Dali Company on behalf of the company and all the staff offered condolences and donations to the patients family.

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