Quality credit report of Yingkou vigorously automobile and Insurance Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

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The company operates in accordance with the law and develops scientifically. It regards "integrity, quality and service" as the foundation of the enterprise's operation and always follows the development policy of "three starts": quality starts from criticizing every part; service starts from not being late; development starts from relying on science and technology to open up the market ". Compile enterprise quality credit report, publish enterprise credit information ively, truly and comprehensively in the report, listen to opinions from all walks of life, accept supervision and improve work.

1.1 the general manager undertakes that:

The company adheres to the management concept of "happy after hearing, keep improving" and the craftsman spirit of "sincerity, exquisite, fine and exquisite", strictly follows the requirements of ISO9001 quality system, strict procedures and scientific production. To provide users with advanced technology, quality products, intimate service.

1.2 Company Profile:

Yingkou Dali automobile protection equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise engaged in automobile protection equipment manufacturing in China, and its technology research and development is at the international advanced level. The company was founded in 1997, formerly known as Yingkou Dali automobile testing equipment research institute, and restructured into a limited liability company in 2002.

After 20 years of development, energetically auto insurance has gradually developed into a famous brand of auto insurance equipment in China. The company has set up technical R & D center, quality inspection department, production department, marketing department, equipment safety department, supply department, enterprise management department, finance department and other functional departments. It has 147 employees, including 17 professional R & D personnel, accounting for 13% of the total number of employees.

The company attaches great importance to brand building and continuous innovation. The company has established a provincial technology center and carried out advanced technical cooperation with Italy, the United States and other international organizations. These are the sources of continuous innovation of technology. Great efforts have been made to ensure that auto insurance has become the main body of R & D investment, technological innovation and innovative achievements. The company invests millions of yuan in technological innovation and R & D every year, and has achieved a number of technical achievements. It has independently developed 23 patents, including 4 national invention patents, 19 national utility model patents and 3 design patents. It has developed high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights, reaching the world's leading technology level. In 2012, it was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. Dali Auto Insurance Co., Ltd. is the drafter of the national standards of "wheel dynamic balancer" and "automobile lift". Mr. Zong Liben, the chairman of the board, is the drafter of the national standards of "wheel dynamic balancer" and "automobile lift".

The company produces special equipment for inspection and maintenance required by the automotive aftermarket, and its leading products are more than 50 models of tire dismounting machine, wheel dynamic balancer and four-wheel aligner series products. The domestic market coverage rate of tire dismounting machine products is the highest. The company has long-term technical cooperation with automobile maintenance equipment manufacturers in the United States, the European Union, Japan and other countries, and has developed and produced high-end wheel dynamic balancer, tire dismounting machine and other products with independent intellectual property rights, which are exported to the United States, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Europe, Africa, Asia and other countries and regions, ranking among the top in the international market.

The company regards "honesty, quality and service" as the foundation of enterprise management, and always follows the development policy of "quality starts from criticizing every part; service starts from not being late; development starts from relying on science and technology to open up the market". The company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, follows the management concept of "happy after hearing, keep improving", constantly innovates products, improves process, and improves quality assurance system; at the same time, it strengthens the construction of marketing service system, and does a good job in pre-sales technical support, sales and after-sales service, so as to achieve intimate before-sales, peace of mind during sales, and after-sales reassurance. Help customers solve problems quickly, thoughtfully and efficiently. With its innovative products, excellent quality and perfect service, "Dali" brand has won its popularity and reputation.

After 20 years of development, the company has formed a perfect supplier system and marketing service network. In terms of management, the company has strengthened customer-centered and customer-focused management, continuously met the needs of customers, continuously improved product technology and improved product performance. Established a good brand image, is the user's most trusted Chinese auto insurance brand.

2. Report text

2.1 enterprise quality concept

The company's corporate philosophy: happy after hearing, keep improving.

Quality policy: quality starts from criticizing every part; service starts from not being late; development starts from relying on science and technology to open up the market.

Quality target: pass rate of one-time assembly of the whole machine ≥ 97%

100% qualified rate of factory unpacking

The qualified rate of user's unpacking is 99%

2.2 enterprise quality management

The management representative and deputy general manager are responsible for the quality management of the enterprise, which is mainly reflected in the four aspects of production process management, quality management, equipment management and on-site management.

A. Production process management: according to the requirements of the regulations and company system, combined with the actual production, the production process quality control chart is prepared, the predictive and preventive ability is continuously improved by using FMEA management tools, the preventive and corrective measures are taken in time, the potential unqualified factors are eliminated, the whole production process is under control, and the effective operation of ISO9001 quality management system is ensured.

B. On site management: mainly inspect the environment, equipment, account and safety of the production site, and rectify the inconformity found, which shall be verified and assessed by relevant personnel.

C. Inspection equipment management: according to the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system, instruments and equipment meeting the requirements of quality inspection and production control are configured. In the management and use of equipment, we should achieve "three good" (good management, good use and good condition), "Three Prevention" (dustproof, moisture-proof and shockproof), "four skills" (operation, maintenance, inspection and simple maintenance), "three certainties" (keeping, maintenance and regular calibration) to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment. And establish the account, including the equipment name, specification and model, number, manufacturer, date of delivery, certificate of conformity, operation manual, repair, verification (calibration) and other records in the operation regulations, verification certificate, equipment maintenance plan, etc.

D. Personnel management: establish personnel files, which include academic credentials, training files, operation certificates, skill level certificates, learning experience, etc. Carry out theoretical training, practical operation training and technical assessment for the staff according to the annual training plan.

2.2.1 quality management organization

The top management of the company is the general manager. The general manager appoints the director of the enterprise management department as the management representative to exercise the right of quality management. The company has eight internal auditors to assess, supervise and inspect the quality work of the company.

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